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Pratham Works in 350,000 Villages and 43 Cities
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Donate Online and Educate a Child

Imagine waiting for a bus, but not being able to tell which one will take you home. Imagine living in a high concentration HIV area, but not being able to understand the ad campaign that can protect you from the virus. Imagine your own children not being able to read the alphabet or count to 10. Now imagine the reality of 100 million children who are waiting to be given the chance to enjoy the basic pleasure and necessity of reading and writing.  Join the Pratham Movement and help us eradicate illiteracy...  Here are some ways to donate online and help educate a child today:

Donate Now

We appreciate all donations and support, however big or small.

Donations can be made via the following methods:

  1. Click here to donate now online 
  2. Set up a monthly Direct Debit now! Follow the quick and easy step - by step processFor as little as £5 a month you can keep five children in school for a year with Pratham's programmes. 
  3. To  set up a standing order see the Details below:
    Pratham UK Ltd
    Sort Code: 40-04-01
    Account number: 51751557
  4. Please make a cheque made payable to ‘Pratham UK Ltd.’ and mail it to the address below
Pratham UK Ltd.
58-60 Kensington Church Street, Suite 21,
              London W8 4DB
If you are a taxpayer in the UK, under the Government’s Gift Aid Scheme, Pratham UK can reclaim the tax you have already paid on your gift. Using Gift Aid means that for every pound you give, we get an extra 25 pence from the Inland Revenue, increasing your donation at no extra cost to you. Please tick the box below if you would like Pratham UK to reclaim the tax on your gift. To qualify for Gift Aid, what you pay in income tax must at least equal the amount we claim in the tax year.

Investigate How Your Company Can Help
Many companies have Matching Programmes, Payroll Giving Programmes and/or are willing to sponsor events that Pratham in running.


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