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Just £15 per annum can teach a village to read
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Pratham India's Organisation Structure

Pratham Education Initiative
Pratham has a simple and direct chain of command, which results in a highly efficient and dynamic process, despite its scale. Here’s how we do it:
The Pratham India Board of Trustees
11 of India’s corporate leaders comprise the Pratham Board.
The Pratham Programme Directors
Responsible for policy decisions, funding allocation at the national level and design of the teaching methodology and materials.
The State Co-ordinators
21 State Heads, supported by a State Support Team manage Pratham Programmes at state level. State Heads work closely with the Programme Directors while maintaining a high level of state-level innovation and autonomy.
The District Co-ordinators
A state comprises anywhere between 12 to 7O districts. District Co-ordinators manage each district and work closely at the block and school level to ensure quality delivery of Pratham Initiatives.
The Block Co-ordinators
A ‘block’ is about 1 OO villages. There are about 1O–12 blocks per district. A Block Co-ordinator is responsible for all the work in the block including volunteer mobilisation, teacher orientation, and monitoring.

The Pratham Volunteers
There are hundreds of thousands of Pratham Volunteers in thousands of blocks, in hundreds of districts all over the country. The Pratham Volunteers are trained to implement the Pratham Initiatives. 
For more information, please visit the Pratham India Website.
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