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Pratham Works in 350,000 Villages and 43 Cities
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Pratham has many volunteers, organising, mobilising and making our fund raising and awareness building work. There are social and sporting events throughout the year that are the backbone of our fundraising efforts.   We also encourage volunteers to get involved in our new Pratham Aces programme and also to contribute to the Pratham Aces blog.  To join up send an e-mail to We also have a Facebook group where you can join in the discussion! 
If you want to donate some of your time to volunteering in the London office, please send a cover note and CV to the Pratham UK office at to let us know how you would like to help.
Please be aware we are a small fundraising office in London and the majority of our work is admin and event planning/awareness building and not working directly with the children in India. If you are interested in volunteering in India please contact
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