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100,000,000 Children are Illiterate in India
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Social media intern

Aug 17, 2012

Social Media Intern

About Pratham

Pratham which means ‘First’ in Hindi was founded in Mumbai by UNICEF in 1994 to help provide basic literacy to India’s 100 million illiterate children. Through its Read India campaign which began in in 2008, Pratham has now reached over 35 million children in 22 Indian states.  

 Pratham is a grassroots based NGO and works with young people, village communities, governments, corporates and volunteers to provide a model that is economic, scalable and does not replicate government infrastructure. Pratham’s development interventions include improving literacy and arithmetic at primary and secondary level (particularly for young women who are more likely to drop out), protecting vulnerable children from child labour and providing greater opportunities for vocational skilling for young people.

 Pratham has also become a powerful voice in the area of educational reform. The Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) facilitated by Pratham is referred to by the Central and State Governments for formulating education plans and policies.

 Earlier this year, in the first list of its kind, Pratham was awarded number 22 in the list top 100 NGO’s in the world in the esteemed Global Journal. In 2009, Pratham received the CNN-IBN Indian of the Year Award in the Public Service category and was designated a ‘must buy by the Abdul Jameel Poverty Action Lab, MIT. Pratham was also the recipient of the Henry Kravis award for Leadership for 2010.

 Pratham UK was founded in 2003 by volunteers who wanted to help make a difference through educating children. As an overseas chapter of Pratham India, Pratham UK focuses on fundraising to support Pratham's programme work on the ground, whilst also increasing awareness of the charity's goals and activity with a UK audience by holding fundraising and awareness building events throughout the year.

Social media intern responsibilities:

The Social Media Intern is responsible for working with the Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Pratham UK in managing its social media presence and for developing additional coverage on some of the newest digital platforms.

The goal of this position is to increase the organization’s online presence, reach a larger audience, gather information and increase donations and awareness of the NGO in the UK. Additionally, the intern’s responsibilities will include research of social network marketing trends, report on these findings and support the implementation of the Pratham UK social media strategy.

The will report to the Marketing & Communications Coordinator and will work with other staff and volunteers as required. Projects and duties include:

Research social networking strategies and trends.

Help develop blog and ensure content is current, relevant and interesting

Create and share existing content for Pratham UK’s pages on Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr and Twitter

Expand and contribute to charity’s presence on LinkedIn
 Monitor the presence of other NGO’s on social networking sites.

Use social media to promote events and digital campaigns as agreed with the Marketing & Communications Coordinator 

Desired qualifications and experience:

  • Strong understanding of, and affinity for, social media and social networking with the ability to efficiently research trends and best practice.
  •  A creative and innovative thinker with the ability to understand the role of social networking in the NGO sector, and create content in the most appropriate voice to represent the organization.
  •  Excellent written communication skills with the ability to provide written reports as needed.
  •  Knowledge or interest in India, international development, education and young people. 
  •  Design skills and knowledge of web design would be a distinct advantage.
  • Recommended time commitment 16-24 hours a week for 3-6 months.  Pratham UK will cover expenses for travel and lunch.


  • Gain experience with the largest and rapidly growing NGO delivering education programmes in India/.
  • This is a new post and there is plenty of scope for creativity and to support the implementation of the Pratham UK social media strategy
  • There is the opportunity to work with the communications team in India to ensure that the UK strategy is also coordinated with the UK office
  • Ongoing exposure and experience of programmatic and development issues associated with implementation of education programmes in India.
  • Offices in the heart of Kensington within several minutes’ walk of High St Kensington & Notting Hill stations.
  • To apply please send a brief cover letter (approx one side of A4) stating why you feel you are suitable for the internship along with a CV and 2 referees to 



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