Pratham USA is Pratham’s largest fundraising arm outside the country. Pratham USA is registered nonprofit organization with a 4 star rating from the Charity Navigator. Represented by local chapters in major cities across the country, Pratham USA's volunteers and funding contribution continues to grow year after year, largely due to the generous contribution and engagement of the Indian diaspora.


Pratham U.K. was established in 2003 by enthusiastic volunteers. Pratham U.K.focuses on fundraising to support Pratham’s work in India and also generates public awareness of the charity’s work.


Pratham Germany is a registered German charity established with the aim of raising awareness and funds for Pratham's activities. Pratham Germany is headquartered in Düsseldorf and has been established by a group of volunteers who have been associated with the Pratham movement for several years.


Pratham Canada is the Canadian branch of Pratham. Pratham Canada is a registered charity aiming to create awareness and raising funds to support the activities and programmes of Pratham India.


Pratham Sweden was established and registered as a Swedish charity in 2010. The Swedish chapter is located in Stockholm where the work is supported by donated and raised monetary funds. Pratham Sweden works with Swedish schools by creating classrooms on the internet.